Friday, October 3, 2008

gone but not forgotten

bringing in the arugula seed

Oct already and we have not posted since July! And we thought we'd be able to keep up with this blog during farm season...Even now I should not be posting as we have market early tomorrow but I did want to check in for anyone out there still checking this very seldom updated blog.

Such a difficult season filled with rain that ruined so much of our seed crops that we had been watching grow since March. It's difficult to even explain what it is like watching all that work and intention melt into the ground and then be eaten one rainy day by birds while I watched! I wandered into the greenhouse, crouched low to the earth and just sobbed. The thunder of the rain on the roof so loud the only evidence of my sobbing were my copious tears. But that was last month and we got over it quickly. Our busy schedule holds no time for depression and there was and is so much that worked out wonderfully and nothing we could do about the rest so... now we RUN! We have been harvesting and cleaning seeds like mad for a month or so and are excited about all the new possibilities. The areas we harvested peas from are awash in the new green of pea leaves unfurling, all the peas we did not get to pick. The lettuce seed areas that melted into the ground are bursting with green lettuce leaves...and so we have early cover crops!
With only 2 more markets left and our trip to Italy and Terre Madre on the horizon, we now await a window to plant our garlic and french shallots. We hope to have a crew of nimble fingers, strong backs, and loud, singing voices. If you'd like to sign up drop a line and we'll add you to the list! Terre Madre (made possible to us by Jeff Lydon and the Betsy Lydon Award), is an event filled with inspiring people and their stories. Filled with farmers from around the world who gather together for 5 days to celebrate and discuss their stories, struggles, and victories....the garlic will get planted and then, we're off!

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