Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Summer

we're still here just working like mad to keep up with everything! the bok choi is now flowering and the bees are flying about with their gloriously yellow, pollen laden little legs. the cascadia peas too are beginning to bloom. next to flower will be the chard and next the onions. the garlic is beginning to throw scapes. all plants and animals are stretching up towards the mysteriously absent sun.

all is well and all is yearning for the heat and sunshine. with solstice right around the corner, i feel it coming...

Happy Summer to you All!!

Ripe at the farm: turnips, radishes, salad mix, spinach , arugula, head lettuce, bok choi, kales-collard-chard, scallions

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Reneej said...

Ahh, memories of markets of fresh, brightly colored organic veggies, a line of customers waiting to see the yields of yesterday's harvest, the old but trustworthy scale of yesteryears and today, beautiful bouquets of flowers thoughtfully bundled and unique, an excited little boy weighing and counting, caring conversation and sharing, delicious fresh lunch and pastries, other people with creative offerings and dreams... Wish I could be there --- lucky people who are or could be.