Saturday, June 7, 2008


A new term coined at market today for the month that kicks off "summer" here in Western Washington. A solid 6 days of rain...highs rarely pushing past 60F...Hi, I have watermelons to put in the ground...a little help please? thanks.
Today felt like the beginning of summer at the market though. A degree of nerve and bustle we have not felt yet this season and an anticipation of things to come. At this point in the growing year I grow restless for that first zucchini (though still a couple weeks out). Lettuce, kale, chard, bok choi, rapini, arugula, spinach...we are four weeks deep into the farmers market season and I start to crave something, anything that is Yes, we have radishes and soon will pull turnips, scallions, and beets. There are roots, but for me it is the first zucchini, the first fruit, that heralds the transition to summer and all its bounty.

The kale seed crop is buzzing with bees (mostly bumble bees and a handful of masons, as there are no honey bee hives left on ours or our neighbors farm). With the cold spring and no hives I was worried about the lack of pollinators when it began to go. Now in full bloom it vibrates with the dance of bees drunk on nectar and weighed down with pollen. The Bok Choi is starting to throw its flowers to carry the torch once the kale fades to seed pods. Chard, carrots, and onions are all stretching out their arms to join the riot of flower and seed-making. Peas are inching their way up the trellises, Cascadias just beginning to reveal their first blooms.

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