Monday, June 9, 2008

Rain~rain ~rain ~rain

looking back on last years first CSA box letter I noticed that we were Begging for rain, Begging for a respite from dragging hoses and other irrigation around the fields. That is very funny considering the Spring we have had. Today I almost lost a boot, more then once, because of the incredible amount of mud caked to the bottom and sides. Today we planted beautiful pepper starts, winter squash, and the last of our field tomatoes and held out on planting our eggplants and basil. We wished them well and hoped for sun and heat. But, an Eagle flew by.
The Mountains were quiet and magical in their foggy blanket.
Lush green glowed everywhere.
So looking forward to Epsom salts and a cup of tea we wiped the water from our eyes, disregarded the gleefully growing weeds and headed home.

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